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Phosphorus Iron Ball-Energy Saving Phosphorus Iron-Green Phosphorus Iron

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Phosphorus iron producers produce a variety of types of phosphorus iron, there are lump, spherical and granular phosphorus iron, phosphorus iron ball is spherical, is our energy-saving phosphorus iron, also known as green phosphorus iron.

Production of phosphorus iron balls:

Choose high-quality ferrophosphorus produced by ourselves, after sorting, crushing, slag removal and screening, add polymer materials to mix, ball-forming by high-pressure ball-pressing machine, and then drying.

Performance characteristics of phosphorus iron balls:

Phosphorus iron nodules have no impurities, no powder, anti-pressure, waterproof, rust-proof, smooth appearance, easy to produce and transport, conducive to environmental protection, and solve many difficulties of production safety, energy saving and environmental protection as well as artificial ingredients in many enterprises.

Enterprise energy-saving phosphorus iron balls:

The energy-saving phosphorus iron spheres of enterprises are treated by special technology of three sieves and three selections, aiming at the problems of inaccurate feeding, excessive wastage and environmental pollution in the production process of foundry enterprises, and the innovative and improved products of ordinary phosphorus iron produced by the enterprises are characterized by more stable content, purity and operation of energy-saving phosphorus iron spheres. Convenient.

As a phosphorus and iron manufacturer, the enterprise adheres to providing customers with more valuable products, constantly developing and innovating, adapting to market demand, changing with new demands, seeking persistence with changes, in order to win exclusively.



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