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What is the phosphorus content range of iron phosphate for foundry?

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Ferrophosphate is obtained from an electric furnace for making phosphorus. It is a co-biochemical compound containing 20-26% phosphorus and 0.1-6% silicon. Phosphorus iron is used as alloying agent in steelmaking industry and can also produce phosphate. Alloy additives and deoxidizers used in metallurgy. In general steel products, phosphorus is a harmful component, but in some special products, the addition of phosphorus can improve some aspects of steel performance. Phosphorus iron is widely used in rolls, automobile cylinder liners, engine rollers and large castings to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of mechanical parts.

Railway brake shoe contains 0.7%-1.0% phosphorus, which forms uniform binary phosphorus eutectic structure in the casting and has a network distribution. The high hardness of phosphorus eutectic not only improves its wear resistance, but also improves its thermal conductivity and heat resistance. The wear surface is uniform and sparks are not easily produced when friction occurs. Phosphorus iron containing 20% phosphorus is ground into ultrafine powder, which can replace ultrafine zinc powder as coating. Phosphorus and iron are also protective substances against radioactive radiation.

Adjustment of weakness in domestic iron ore market. Domestic mines, market quotations are still stable. Although the Prussian index rose slightly yesterday, ore concentrators are still generally short-sighted on iron ore prices in the near future. And steel prices are generally rising today, so some concentrators believe that iron ore prices will rebound after falling to a certain low. Some miners believe that the current market is only short-term bad news, which leads to no improvement in the iron ore market. For import mines, spot port prices have been slightly adjusted. It is understood that the recent increase in the wait-and-see atmosphere in the import mining market, the demand side's purchasing willingness is generally low, and the trading situation in some areas is stagnant, leading to a small reduction in the price of the import mining market.



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